According to the announcement by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, ALL restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted. For all of us at Allen Memorial Baptist Church we have looked forward to the time when we could gather, worship and serve as a church as we did before this pandemic impacted our world.

Therefore, moving forward we will be able to be at full capacity for seating in the main Worship area. Some rows in the front will continue to be taped off for those who prefer to have social distance. Also, the Fellowship Hall will remain available for those who wish to continue to gather there. While masks will no longer be required, we will continue to provide hand sanitizer and masks, as some may still choose to wear one for their own sense of safety and comfort.

Once again, as followers of Jesus we must remember to be people of kindness, grace and truth. As we look ahead we are excited about the ministry opportunities that are before us and anticipate participation by all of our members as we gather to worship as well as resuming outreach to our community as God directs.

See you Sunday!