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Did you miss a message from a recent Sunday? Listen at your convenience to the last 5-7 messages by going to The AMBC Candor Podcast. (click here) You can also access these messages through Apple Podcasts (search for “The AMBC Candor Podcast”).

Message series – Fall 2023

From September 10th through November 19th we worked through a series of messages on what makes a healthy church. We looked at one word, Biblical principles to evaluate where we are as a church and then work to apply them in order to make us stronger and more effective.

Summer 2023 series

From July 2nd through September 3rd, we spent the Sundays of Summer looking at various sections of the book of Psalms. Click on the Messages tab to watch/listen to one or all of these messages.

Seven Letters series

In May and June of 2023 we examined Revelation 2-3 and the letters that were written to the seven churches of Asia Minor. Through the seven weeks we learned how Jesus evaluated the condition of each of these churches, as well as the individuals that made up these churches. Topics include: First Love, Persecution, False … [Read more…]

Come & Listen series

During January through April 2023, we focused on learning from the Greatest Sermon of Jesus in a series on the Sermon on the Mount – found in Matthew 5-7. To review the different messages in the series, please head to the AMBC YouTube channel.

1 Peter series

From September 25, 2022 through November 20, 2022 we studied the book of 1 Peter. As people who have been chosen by God life doesn’t always go as planned. Yet in the midst of this, God is using these things to confirm the genuineness of our faith. Chosen people live differently – we are set … [Read more…]

Summer 2022 series

During the summer we spent 9 weeks learning about Wisdom for Living from the Book of Proverbs. Make sure to go to our YouTube page to watch (or re-watch) the messages in this series.